Corporate Expo

5Support Corporate Expos

The desire to provide the best customer services and quality care is something we all strive to accomplish everyday in business. We want to help you provide this to your accounts, employees and customers.

We will assist you in providing your employees and accounts an event that targets a Life Balance with a focus on a healthier, more educated and informed workforce.  Typically, these events are two hours around mid day, and will provide your employees and accounts direct one-on-one contact with their benefit providers, local exhibitors and have a chance to mingle and enjoy their coworker’s camaraderie in a carefree and entertaining setting.

There are many benefits to offering an at-work Corporate Wellness Expo. Educating employees and empowering them to have increased workplace morale; reduced absenteeism; reduction of overall costs due to lost production from sick-leave, turnover and recruitment to fill those jobs; and gaining additional company loyalty, which is an intangible benefit for all.

From inception to completion, we will be by your side assisting you in the feel, format and production of your event.  Always reaching higher and towards a better Work Life Balance, we look forward to hearing from you.

Your Corporate Wellness Expo will encourage your team to “soar to unlimited heights in life balance” and less loss of productivity through onsite wellness screenings.